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Chhath Puja started from here! If you also want to see this festival then reach this temple

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dev surya mandir

Chhath puja 2023: Chhath Puja is not celebrated in many places but many people want to see this puja. Even foreigners come to see this great festival. So, today we will tell you about a special place where you should definitely visit. This is because this temple is special not only from religious point of view but also from architectural and historical point of view. The name of this temple is Dev Surya Mandir. So, let us know how to reach this temple, when to go and what are the special things to see when you go here.

Where is Dev Surya Temple?

Dev Surya Temple is in a village named Dev in Aurangabad district of Bihar. This is a Hindu temple dedicated to the god Surya. Unlike other temples, it is not east-facing but west-facing, that is, it is in the west direction. It is believed that this temple was built by Goddess Aditi herself. Aditi is the mother of the gods, that is, she is also the mother of the Sun God. Apart from this, it is told in the stories that by worshiping Chhathi Maiya here, Mother Aditi had found Lord Aditya in the trinity form.

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See the historical architecture of this temple

If we look at the historical architecture of this temple, it has been built in Nagar style and Dravidian style. Urns have been made on it, inscriptions have been written in Pali style and the entire story of that time has been written. Apart from this, the Sun is special here in all its three forms. That means when the sun rises, when the sun is in the afternoon and then when the sun is visible in the evening.

dev surya temple in bihar

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dev surya temple in bihar

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Visit Kartik Fair

Kartik fair is organized every year in this temple. Lakhs of people come here to see the local things of Bihar. Here in the fair you will find things from all over Bihar. So, this time on Chhath Puja you can visit this temple. Apart from this, you can also visit here every Sunday. So, now or whenever you get time, go to Aurangabad in Bihar and visit here.

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