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Dhanteras or Dhantrayodashi today, know the classical significance of this day

Dhanteras or Dhan-Trayodashi

Kartik calls Krishna Trayodashi as ‘Dhan Teras’, which is also called Chhoti Diwali. On this day, a lamp is donated to please Lord Yamraj. According to Padma Purana Uttarakhand Chapter Number 124, on Trayodashi of Krishna Paksha of Kartik, a lamp should be kept outside the house for Yamraj. This prevents premature death. This mantra should be chanted while keeping the lamp.

Mrityuna Pashahasten Kalen Bharyaya Saha Trayodshyam Deepdanatsuryajh Priyatamitti. (Padma Purana 124.5) Meaning: – ‘Death’, Pashdhari Kaal and Suryanandan Yamraj along with his wife should be pleased by lighting the lamp on Trayodashi.

People who are afraid of hell must take bath at the time of moonrise on Kartik Krishna Chaturdashi. One who takes bath in the morning on Chaturdashi does not have to see Yamalok. Apamarg (Onga or Chichda), Tumbi (Gourd), Praputrat (Chakvad) and Katphal (Kayphal) – these should be rotated on the forehead in between bathing. This destroys the fear of hell. At that time pray like this – ‘O evil path! I am repeatedly circling you on my head along with the thorns and leaves so that my sins can be taken away. Saying this, rotate Apamarg and Chakvad on the head. After that, offer prayers by chanting the names of Yamraj. Those name-mantras are as follows- Yamaya Namah, Dharmarajaya Namah, Mrityave Namah, Antakaya Namah, Vaivasvataya Namah, Kalaya Namah, Sarvabhutakshayaya Namah, Audumbaray Namah, Danay Namah, Nilaya Namah, Parmesthine Namah, Vrikodaray Namah, Chitraya Namah, Chitraguptaaya Namah.

According to Vrat Utsav Chandrika Chapter 24, people light ghee oil lamps on top of their houses and shops. On this day also there is splendor like Diwali but in less quantity. Probably that is why it is called Chhoti Diwali. On this day its beauty can be seen in Thatheri market of Kashi. The shopkeepers there clean and decorate their brass utensils and take out expensive sarees and display them. This scene is very beautiful and fascinating. Buying a new utensil on this day is considered auspicious and almost everyone buys a small or big utensil. People believe that by buying utensils on this day, Goddess Lakshmi (wealth) resides in the house. That is why this date is called ‘Dhanteras’ – that is, the Trayodashi day on which wealth comes into the house. A smaller version of Diwali can be seen on this day in cities.

According to Vrat Utsav Chandrika Chapter 24, once Yamraj asked his messengers that as per my orders, when you people kill the lives of living beings, do you not feel pity for any human being at any time? If so, when and where? But the messengers replied- There was a very heavy king named Hans. He had once gone to the forest for hunting. Coincidentally he got separated from his companions and started wandering here and there in the forest. Wandering in the forest, he went to the kingdom of a king named Hem. There King Hem honored him with great respect. At that time, by providence, a son, Ratna, was born to King Hem. But on the sixth day (festival) of Chhathi birth, the goddess appeared and said, O king! This son of yours will die after four days.

The king was very sad to hear this. When King Hans – who was the guest of King Hem at that time – came to know about this, he hid Hemraj’s son in a cave in Yamuna to save him from death. But when he got married when he was young, we (Yamdoots) took away his life on the very fourth day. At the time of that auspicious festival, this act of ours was extremely disgusting and we felt great pity in taking away his life. Our hearts became very sad. Therefore O Lord! Please suggest some trick by which animals can be saved from this type of sudden accident. Hearing this, Yamraj explained the rules for donating lamps on this day and said that those who donate lamps and fast for him on the day of Dhanteras will never die untimely death.

According to the ethos, beliefs and tradition, Kuber and Dhanvantari are also worshiped on this day, although Kuber and Dhanvantari should be worshiped on the day of Dhantrayodashi, its details are not found in Padma Purana or Skanda Purana etc. but because this is an old tradition and our ancestors have been doing it. Have been. Therefore, Kuber and Dhanvantari should also be worshipped. Manusmriti 2.6 Medhatithi commentary also says that if the old tradition is good then it should be accepted.

Method of worship :-
On this day, Yamraj is worshiped so that he remains happy and prevents untimely death. On the day of Dhanteras, soak the soil plowed with milk in milk, apply it on the branch of Semal tree, sprinkle it on your body three times, apply kumkum tilak and then take Kartik bath again. At the time of Pradosh, lamps should be lit continuously for three days in places like monastery, temple, well, stepwell, garden, cowshed, and cowshed etc. If the Sun is in Libra, then on the evening of Chaturdashi and Amavasya, there is a tradition to show the path to the ancestors by taking a burnt stick and rotating it. In this way, by donating lamps and worshiping Yamraj on the day of Dhanteras, the fear of untimely death is averted. Therefore friends, please do not forget to light the Yama lamp.

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[नोट- उपरोक्त दिए गए विचार लेखक के व्यक्तिगत विचार हैं. यह ज़रूरी नहीं है कि एबीपी न्यूज़ ग्रुप इससे सहमत हो. इस लेख से जुड़े सभी दावे या आपत्ति के लिए सिर्फ लेखक ही जिम्मेदार है.]



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