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Do this work before applying makeup in winter, there will be no dryness

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winter makeup tips

As soon as winter comes, the skin starts becoming very dry. If you wear makeup in a party or function, sometimes the skin starts looking very dry. Applying makeup especially on dry skin becomes a big problem. Cracks start appearing on the skin after makeup. Due to which the skin starts looking dirty instead of beautiful. If you also face this problem after applying makeup in winter, then we are telling you some tips. Due to which it will become easier to do makeup in winter. Dryness of the skin will reduce and the face will start glowing after makeup.

Do these things before doing makeup in winter

massage- Whenever you apply makeup in winter, massage the skin thoroughly with a moisturizer. With the help of fingers, massage the face gently for about 2 minutes. After massage, pat the face with your hands. This improves blood circulation and the skin will become soft. By doing this the makeup will set well in the skin. Even after makeup, the skin will not feel dry at all.

Use of liquid illuminator- It is most important to hydrate the skin before applying makeup in winter. For this, first massage with some cream and then apply primer on the face. Try to use only a creamy liquid foundation in winter. You can apply liquid illuminator by mixing it in foundation, this will make the skin look soft and glowing.

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Lip gloss is necessary- Lips also become very dry in winter. In such a situation, if you apply matte lipstick then more dryness will appear. It would be better to apply some lip gloss before applying lipstick on the lips. In winter, wear glossy lipstick instead of matte lipstick. This will make your lips shine.

Use glossy makeup products- In winter, choose glossy makeup products instead of dry ones. Makeup products should be rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin E and antioxidants. It is especially important to have Vitamin C and E in foundation or concealer. This makes the skin glow more.

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