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Do you also make this mistake while making tea, it turns into poison.

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Don’t make this mistake while making tea

Tea has the effect of medicine in winter, but only if it is prepared properly. Now you must be wondering what art making tea is. Everyone makes tea. Even children know how to make tea. It is true that everyone can make tea but not everyone can make healthy tea. Often we make small mistakes while making tea due to which the tea causes harm instead of benefit. If you make these mistakes while making tea, your morning and evening tea can become poison. Yes, you should know the correct way to prepare tea, from adding leaves to adding milk. Otherwise this tea can cause many harm to your body. Today we are telling you the right way to make tea.

The taste of tea made in every kitchen is different. Some like tea with ginger and some like tea with cardamom. Some people like strong tea while others like it with more milk. But tea should be made not only for taste but also for health.

  1. To make perfect tea, first boil milk in a pan and keep 1 big cup of water in another pan for boiling.
  2. When the water boils, add about 1 teaspoon tea leaves in it and if you want to add ginger, cardamom or tusli or any spice then add it as per your choice.
  3. Now boil it on medium flame for just 5 minutes and then add a little more than half a cup of milk and 1 teaspoon sugar.
  4. Now just boil the tea for 2 to 3 times on high flame and turn off the gas. Tea made in this way does not cause much harm.
  5. Well, the best way to make tea is to boil water, add tea leaves and any flavor and filter it.
  6. Then mix boiled milk and sugar together in the cup. This tea will not harm you at all.
  7. While making tea, always keep in mind the time taken to make tea. You should not boil tea for more than 6 minutes.
  8. Using tea leaves again and again, making tea again and again in the same pan, boiling tea for a long time, drinking the ready tea after boiling again, all these things make tea poisonous for health.

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