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Don’t be troubled by facial redness and swelling in winter, do these 2 things immediately

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In cold the skin often becomes red and swollen. This happens due to poor blood circulation of the skin due to cold. That’s why you must have noticed that when you come in very cold in winter, there is swelling under the eyes and the face looks red. In such a situation, some people get worried that they have caught cold, but it is not so. This is very normal and can happen to anyone. In such a situation, instead of getting worried, you should follow these tips. They work very effectively and quickly. How, we know.

Do these 2 things immediately

1. Wash face with lukewarm water

If you have come from cold and your face looks red or your face is swollen, then you should wash your face with lukewarm water. By doing this the redness will reduce and you will see its effect on the face within some time. Secondly, it is also helpful in reducing inflammation. So, just make lukewarm water, add cold water to it. Touch the water and see if it is lukewarm then wash your face with it. In this way, it is helpful in reducing redness and swelling of your face.

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2. Apply aloe vera

Apply aloe vera gel to reduce facial redness and swelling in winter. It works quickly on redness and soothes the skin from within. Secondly, it is anti-inflammatory, which means it can reduce swelling in the face and make you feel better. You will see a comprehensive effect of both these measures on your face.


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So, don’t worry about facial swelling and redness in winter, just adopt these two measures. Both these remedies will always work for your skin. The special thing is that they do not have any disadvantages. Apart from this, you can also sleep at night by applying coconut oil which works effectively in this condition.

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