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Don’t throw away pea peels, make a healthy scrub for your skin like this – India TV Hindi

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These days green pea shells are coming in. But most people throw away these peels. Whereas you can make a scrub from these green peels and use it for your skin. Yes, in fact the flavonoid which gives green color to peas is good for the skin. It not only corrects the texture of the skin but also hydrates it from within. So, you should use this scrub for cleansing to hydrate your skin. So, let us first know how to make it and then its benefits.

Make scrub like this from pea peel

To make a scrub from pea peel, first wash it and then grind it. After this, add 1 spoon of oats in it and mix everything well. Then add a little coffee powder and honey to it. Mix everything and apply it on your skin. Scrub the skin gently and then massage the skin. After 10 minutes wash your face with cold water.

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Clears dead cells

When you make a scrub from pea peel and apply it on the skin, it cleans the skin. It cleans the dead cells and opens the skin pores from inside. Due to this, blood circulation in the skin remains proper and oxygen circulation is maintained. This prevents skin acne and keeps the skin completely clean.

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So, if you have never tried it then definitely try it once. These keep your skin completely healthy and correct its texture. So, just use the pea shells instead of throwing them away.

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