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Easy recipe to make crispy coconut biscuits, prepared from wheat flour, tastes like thekua – India TV Hindi

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Dough Biscuit

The biscuits available in the market are made from flour. Eating which increases weight and creates the risk of many diseases. If you want to be healthy then eat biscuits made from wheat flour at home. These biscuits prepared from coconut and flour taste exactly like Thekua. Whenever you feel like eating something sweet, you can make these biscuits and eat them quickly. These are very crispy to eat and delicious in taste. You can also make these and store them easily.

Make crispy biscuits with coconut and flour

  • To make flour and coconut biscuits, first add half a cup of sugar in the mixer.

  • Along with sugar, add about 100 grams of dry coconut cut into pieces.

  • Add 1 spoon of coarse vegetable fennel and grind everything coarsely.

  • Now take one and a half cup of wheat flour and add about half a cup of semolina in it.

  • Add powdered sugar, coconut and fennel powder to the flour.

  • Add about 4 tablespoons of ghee to the flour and mix everything with hands.

  • To check the consistency, make a kneader from the flour and see whether the dough is binding or not.

  • Now to knead the dough, take about 1 bowl of milk and then add milk little by little and knead a tight dough.

  • Now divide the dough into two parts, mash it and roll it out on a rolling pin or a board.

  • Now prepare it like a thick roti. Cut it into rounds using a glass or any lid.

  • Now roll the remaining dough in the same manner and prepare all the biscuits.

  • Make light holes on all the biscuits with the help of a fork.

  • Now pour oil in the pan to fry the prepared biscuits and after the oil gets hot, reduce the gas.

  • When the ghee is slightly hot, add the biscuits and let them cook in the oil for some time.

  • If you turn it quickly, the biscuits may break. So let one side cook thoroughly first.

  • Fry the biscuits until they turn golden brown and keep them aside to cool.

  • When the biscuits cool down, seal them in an airtight jar and store them.

  • You can eat these biscuits prepared from coconut and flour for 10-15 days.

Whoever ate these laddus this winter, even the cold could not spoil their hair, next time don’t miss it.

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