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Expired medicines are very useful, use them in the kitchen instead of throwing them away.

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What to do with expired medicines

Most homes have a full box of medicines. You will easily get medicine for headache, cough, cold and fever in everyone’s home. These medicines are very useful in emergencies, but sometimes medicines kept for a long time get expired. In such a situation, medicines get accumulated in the house. Most people throw these medicines in the garbage after they expire. But these medicines can be used for many important purposes after they expire. Instead of throwing away expired medicines, you can use them in kitchen cleaning. These medicines can be very useful in everything from gardening to cleaning. Know what to do with expired medicines?

  1. Will be useful to open block sink- The sink often gets blocked in the kitchen. Pieces of food and drink get stuck in the drain. Due to which the sink gets jammed. Blocked kitchen sink becomes a problem for women. Cockroaches and other insects start coming into the sink. In such a situation, you can use expired medicines. Dissolve 2-3 tablets in warm water and pour them into the sink before sleeping at night. This will clean the sink from inside and insects will also not come in.
  2. Insects will not come from the bathroom drain- Insects also start coming from the bathroom drains. Expired medicines can be very useful to drive away these insects. Pour water containing medicines into the bathroom drain before sleeping. For this, put some expired medicines in a mug of water and then pour this water into the drain and close the bathroom.
  3. Insects and fungus will be removed from the plant- Many times plants are attacked by insects and fungus. For this you can use expired medicines. Dissolve bad medicines in water and put it in the roots of plants. This will improve the growth of plants and insects will also go away.

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