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From Shabari Ber to Kheer, know Lord Ram’s favorite food, offer these things at home – India TV Hindi

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Ramlala’s offering

The 500 year wait of Ram devotees ended today. Today Ramlala is seated in the grand Ram temple of Ayodhya. PM Modi consecrated the idol of Ram Lalla and with this every Indian also had the first darshan of Ram Lalla. Today everyone is worshiping Ramlala in their homes and temples. You can seek blessings by worshiping Lord Ram at home. Today one can offer his favorite food to Lord Rama. Ramlala will become happy as soon as he eats it.

It is said that when Lord Ram went on exile, he ate only fruits and roots found in the forest. Ram ate Shabari’s false berries with such relish that Shabari was liberated. The fruit which Ram tasted became Ramphal. When Ramlala stayed in Ayodhya, he liked kheer very much. You can offer these special things.

Lord Ram’s favorite offering

Kheer- Kheer made of milk and rice is considered to be the favorite offering of Lord Rama. According to mythology, King Dasharatha fed kheer to his queens after the yagya, after which Lord Rama was born. There is also a belief that when Ram and all the 4 brothers were born, kheer was made in Ayodhya. Therefore, offering kheer to Lord Ram is considered auspicious.

Rabdi- Rabdi is offered to Ramlala in Ayodhya. If you are also worshiping Ramlala at home, then you can offer Rabdi. Rabdi made from milk is considered to be the purest sweet. You can make rabri from milk at home. The taste can be enhanced with sugar and cardamom.

Coriander Panjiri- Coriander Panjiri is also offered to Lord Rama. Offering of Panjiri and Panchamrit made of flour and coriander is considered the best. Lord Ram loves this offering very much. You can offer Panjiri and Panchamrit to Lord Rama at home.

Ram’s favorite sweets- If you cannot make rabri and kheer then you can use any pure khoya sweet from the market. Khoya sweets like Gulab Jamun, Peda Barfi or Kalakand can be offered to Lord Ram. By doing this Lord Ram will be pleased with you.

Ram’s favorite fruits- You must have heard the incident of Shabari in Ramayana. Shabari had fed her plucked plums to Ram. It was because of her love that she did not want to feed sour plums to Ram. You can also offer plum to Ram. Apart from this, Ramphal is also the favorite fruit of Lord Rama.

Ramlala likes this special kheer, it is prepared with milk and rice, know the easy recipe

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