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Fungus has come into clothes and house due to dampness, know the ways to remove fungus – India TV Hindi

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How to remove fungus from clothes

In winter, fungus occurs in homes due to moisture and dampness. Many times, fungus grows in the walls, cupboards and even the clothes kept inside the cupboard. This can damage your precious clothes. Apart from clothes, mold also grows on shoes, leather items and sometimes other items. Due to fungus, many times valuable things come to the point of being thrown away. Clothes infected with fungus have a foul smell. Many times, due to this dirt and dampness, the entire cupboard gets infested with termites. Let us know the ways to avoid fungus and what to do if it happens.

If there is fungus in your clothes, belongings or house, then the way to deal with it is to keep the house ventilated and dry. Clean the items which have fungus on them and dry them in the sun. If there is dampness and smell in the clothes then keep them in strong sunlight. Wash the clothes which have fungus and then dry them thoroughly in the sun. Keep shelves open.

What to do to avoid getting fungus?

Use of naphthalene balls- To avoid fungus in rain or winter, keep naphthalene balls in clothes and cupboards. Most of the people put them in clothes like this, which is not the right way. Before putting naphthalene balls in clothes, wrap them in plain paper or cloth and put them in the cupboard. If you are wrapping it in paper then make a hole in it and use plain paper only. Keep the shoes in the slipper cupboard also.

Use of neem leaves- To avoid fungus or termites, you can use dried neem leaves. Keep these leaves wrapped in paper inside the cupboard. This will eliminate bacteria and reduce fungus. If there is fungus, first clean it with a dry cloth and then keep neem leaves in it.

Keep these things in mind

  1. If the cupboard is not fixed to the wall then keep it away from the wall.
  2. Never keep wet clothes inside the cupboard.
  3. If fungus is appearing, apply anti-fungus spray or paint in a lamp and let it dry.
  4. If there is dampness in the wall then get it repaired immediately otherwise you will face problems again.
  5. Keep the clothes in the cupboard, empty them and keep sunbathing for some time.
  6. Keep dry rice tied in a cotton cloth in the cupboard. You can also keep cloves in it.
  7. If the fungus is still not getting removed then get the entire cupboard painted and keep the items only after it dries.
  8. Take care of air and ventilation, keep opening doors and windows from time to time.

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