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Guests will grab a glass as soon as they see them, serve these 4 home made desi drinks on Holi – India TV Hindi

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Holi is not just a festival of colors but various types of dishes are prepared and eaten on this day. This time the festival of Holi is on 25 March. As soon as the weekend arrives, the excitement of Holi has started creeping on people. On this day, a lot of people who meet at home also come. They apply color and gulal to each other and then hug each other. Special dishes are served to the guests visiting home on Holi. In such a situation, you can serve these 4 home-made home-made drinks to your guests. These drinks are not only healthy but also refreshing. When you serve this drink to the guests coming to your house on Holi, they will not be able to say no even once.

Serve this refreshing drink to guests on Holi

  1. Thandai- There is no better drink than Thandai to serve to guests on Holi. If you get to drink Thandai on Holi, the fun of the festival increases. Thandai with almonds helps in keeping the body cool. Drinking Thandai provides instant energy to the body. No one will say no after seeing a glass of thandai.

  2. Masala Tadka Buttermilk- On Holi you eat Gujiya, sweets and many types of dishes. Get bored after eating sweets. In such a situation, you can serve masala tadka buttermilk to the guests coming to your house. Buttermilk with black salt, roasted cumin, mint and asafoetida tastes very tasty. You will feel completely fresh as soon as you drink it. Buttermilk is good for both stomach and digestion.

  3. Avocado Lassi- If you want to serve something sweet, you can also make avocado lassi at home. Everyone will like the taste of Avocado Lassi. Avocado is very beneficial for health. Cholesterol can be controlled with this and drinking it in lassi helps in good digestion. Blend one avocado with curd, honey, lemon juice, salt and milk and serve.

  4. Lime Soda Water- Eating and drinking too much often causes bloating and acidity. In such a situation, if you serve soda water to your guests instead of dishes, they will like it more. For this, lemon juice, soda water, ice, mint and some sugar will be required. Make lime soda water from it and serve it to the guests.

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