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Hair has started falling due to dandruff? These three home remedies will remove dandruff from the roots

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how to cure dandruff in winter

If there is dandruff in the hair then people’s condition becomes worse by scratching the head. Sometimes, the hair gets filled with so much dandruff that it becomes visible even from above the hair, due to which many times people have to feel embarrassed. Apart from dust, soil, pollution, the main cause of dandruff in hair is also our diet. However, people face a lot of dandruff problems during the winter season. This season has just arrived. In such a situation, in this cold season, your hair does not get filled with dandruff again, hence we have brought some best home remedies for you. You can get rid of this problem by adopting these home methods.

Yellow teeth will shine with pearls and bad breath will also go away immediately, just try these home remedies.

Try these three home remedies

  • Use lemon: Very few people would know that lemon is effective in removing the problem of dandruff in hair. For this, just mix lemon juice in coconut oil and apply it on hair, leave it for some time and massage. Wash hair after about 2 hours. Do this at least twice a week. This will remove the problem of dandruff in your hair.
  • Neem is also beneficial: Neem is rich in many medicinal properties. You boil neem leaves. After this, cool this water and wash the hair with this water. Do this twice a week. By doing this the problem of dandruff will gradually go away.
  • Multani mitti is also beneficial: Multani mitti is also effective in removing your dandruff problem. For this, just mix apple cider vinegar in multani mitti powder and keep it. Wash hair with this twice a week. By doing this your dandruff problem will go away.

This decoction of celery and garlic makes weak immunity stronger, as soon as you drink it you will get relief from cold and cough.

By eating this one thing in winter, immunity will be strengthened, cold, cough and seasonal diseases will remain far away.

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