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Healthy breakfast: Without cutting, without cooking! Eat these high fiber foods for breakfast – India TV Hindi

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Milk Poha Recipe

Benefits of eating chuda milk for breakfast: Nowadays in winter people do not have time to prepare and eat breakfast. The biggest tension is about what to cook and how to eat after waking up in the morning. So, when you are short on time, you can have this desi breakfast. You do not need much time nor any special preparation to eat and prepare it. All you have to do is heat the milk lightly and add some dry fruits. So, let us know what is this healthy and desi breakfast (milk Poha Recipe).

eat powdered milk for breakfast

To eat Chuda Milk for breakfast, all you have to do is first take Poha i.e. Chuda and wash it. After this you have to decide whether you like milk cold or hot. It is winter now, so make the milk lukewarm. Then add poha in it. Let the milk soak for some time and then add jaggery to it. After some time, add dry fruits to it and eat it.

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Some people also eat milk and chuda by mixing them well and cooking them on fire. Apart from this, if you want, you can eat it quickly. You neither need to heat the milk nor add anything else. Just add poha in milk, add jaggery and then eat.

Curd will not be harmful in winter, just follow these 2 recipes and eat it with every puri-paratha.

Benefits of eating powdered milk for breakfast

There are many benefits of eating powdered milk for breakfast. Firstly, it keeps the stomach full and balances hunger throughout the day. By eating this, one does not feel hungry again and again and there is no craving either. Apart from this, milk protein is also very beneficial for health. Also adding jaggery increases iron and works to increase red blood cells in the body. So, adding dry fruits to the food provides different proteins and healthy fats. So, you can eat this desi food for breakfast.

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