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Holi is played in many countries including America, at some places mud and at other places tomatoes are showered – India TV Hindi

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Holi In World

Holi, the festival of colors, is celebrated with great pomp in Phagun. On the day of Holi, you will see faces painted with colours, abir and gulal in every city. On Holi, people apply colors to each other and hug each other after offering sweets. The celebration of Holi in India is such that foreign tourists also come to Mathura-Vrindavan in large numbers to play and watch Holi. However, apart from India, Holi is played in many countries also. From America to Italy and Spain, people play Holi on this day not with colors but with tomatoes, oranges and mud. Know in which countries Holi is played and what is it played with?

America’s Holi

America Holi

Image Source : INDIA TV

America Holi

Holi festival is also celebrated in America. People enjoy it by the name of ‘Festival of Colors’. During this, people throw colorful powders and colors on each other. People dance vigorously and mud festivals are also organized at some places. Adults also enjoy this festival along with children.

South Africa

Holi festival is celebrated with great pomp in South Africa. Here Holi is lit and colors are also applied to each other. Indians living in Africa celebrate this festival with great pomp. Here people of Gujarati community celebrate Holi.

Holi of Italy

In Italy too, celebration is done like Holi. This festival started after a war over oranges. This war took place between Portugal, France and Spain. Since then, Holi is played here as a fun festival by throwing oranges at each other. People divide into two groups and throw oranges at each other.

spain holi

the tomato

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the tomato

Holi-like atmosphere is often seen in Spain. Sometimes people throw wine on each other and sometimes La Tomatina Festival is organized by playing Holi with tomatoes. A wine festival takes place every year on June 29 in Northern Spain where people throw wine at each other. The La Tomatina Festival is held on the last Saturday of August.


Holi-like celebrations take place in Thailand also in the month of April. A festival called ‘Songkran’ is organized here in which people throw colors and cold water on each other. It is also called War Splashing Festival. It is said to be a festival celebrating the Buddhist New Year.

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