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Homemade curd will be as creamy and thick as the market, it will taste absolutely sweet – India TV Hindi

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Prepare thick curd like market at home like this

Consuming curd in hot summer is very beneficial. These days, there is a risk of heat stroke due to strong sunlight and rising temperature. To avoid this, you should include curd in your diet, because it has a cooling effect and keeps the stomach cool. Actually, curd is easily available in the market. But, most people like to eat jamai curd at home. Everyone knows how to prepare curd, but often while preparing curd at home, it leaves out water or sometimes it becomes too sour. Today we will tell you 3 easy tips with the help of which you can prepare perfect curd like the market.

Follow these tips to make thick curd

Take about three spoons of milk powder in a vessel. Add some curd to it and mix it well. Then take milk in a separate vessel and boil it. When it cools down, mix it with milk powder. Then mix it well and cover it and keep it for a few hours. This makes the curd thick. First of all boil the milk. When it cools down, add curd jam to it. Then mix it well and keep it covered with a clean cloth for a few hours. After a few hours your thick curd will be ready.

Apart from this, you can also take the help of microwave oven to set curd. For this, first heat the milk and when it becomes lukewarm, add curdled milk to it and then keep this vessel in the microwave. For this, preheat your microwave at about 180 degrees for two minutes and then turn it off. Curd will set in this method also.

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Keep these things in mind

  • Always use full cream milk to make curd. Thin or water mixed milk does not thicken the curd.
  • An earthen pot is better for making curd. Due to this, the curd becomes thick and the sweet aroma of the soil also comes into it.
  • Never keep curd in very hot milk to set. Due to this also the curd does not thicken.

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