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How do flowers know that the weather is changing? Understand its scientific foundation – India TV Hindi

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Flowers and sunshine

We all have lots of trees, plants and flowers etc. in our homes. You all must have noticed that in some seasons these plants produce a lot of flowers and in some seasons they remain lifeless. But, the thing to think about is that how do trees and plants know which season is going on and how they have to react towards it. After all, how do flowers know when they can bloom and when not? So, there is actually science behind all this which tells us what is the season of flowering of flowers? Let us know about all these things in detail.

How do flowers know that the weather is changing?

Actually, plants also have a circadian clock like the body clock of us humans. It actually keeps moving from here to there according to the sunlight. Like they find out the weather according to the length of the day. This synchronizes biological processes over a 24-hour period and tells plants that the weather is now changing.

How do flowers know the weather is changing

Image Source : SOCIAL

How do flowers know the weather is changing

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How do flowers know when to bloom?

At certain times of the year, flowering plants produce a protein called Flowering Locus T in their leaves that induces flowering. Once this protein is made, it moves from the leaves to the shoot apex, a part of the plant where cells are undivided, meaning they can become either leaves or flowers.

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Additionally, plants adapt to their environment by using temperature signals to prepare themselves for the next phase of the growing season. Various stages of development, such as seed germination, flowering and seed setting, are fine-tuned to occur within the narrow temperature ranges normally experienced at specific times of the year.

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