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How to make carrot halwa without sugar? Learn an amazing recipe here

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carrot halwa recipe

Carrot Halwa is a winter sweet. It is very tasty and people prepare and eat it throughout the winter. But, today we will talk about making carrot halwa without sugar. Now you might be wondering how to make this halwa without sugar. So, it is not that difficult. You just have to use a few ingredients and then you can easily make carrot halwa. The special thing is that diabetic and some sick people can also consume it because it is easier to prepare and eat compared to sugar pudding. Let us know about this in detail.

How to make carrot halwa without sugar- Gajar ka halwa without sugar recipe in hindi

Apart from sugar, you can also make carrot halwa easily. All you have to do is take dates, mix it with milk, grind it and keep it aside. Then you have to use it for sweetness instead of sugar. So, let us know about this recipe in detail.

-To make carrot halwa, first grate the carrots.
-After this, take milk separately and then add chopped dates to it and grind it.
-Now take a pan and add ghee in it.
-After some time, add grated carrots to it.
-Then fry it well and cook it.
-Add date milk on top and cook.
-Now cook everything well.
-Keep adding as much milk as needed and cook.
-Now add cardamom powder and dry fruits.
-Cook everyone and eat well.

Gajar ka halwa recipe without sugar

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Gajar ka halwa recipe without sugar

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You can also make carrot halwa by adding jaggery or sugar. This is a very easy method. Also, if you make it with milk instead of khoya, you will be able to make it more tasty. So, this time you can prepare and eat carrot halwa in this way.

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