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How to use chia seeds for weight loss, 5 easy ways to eat chia

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Chia Seeds Recipe: If you want to reduce your sagging belly, start eating chia seeds from today itself. Chia seeds work effectively in weight loss. By eating chia seeds, the body gets essential vitamins, proteins and omega-3 fatty acids. After eating chia, the stomach remains full for a long time. This prevents you from overeating. However, some people do not like the taste of chia seeds. Don’t understand how to eat chia seeds. Today we are telling you 5 easy and healthy ways to include chia seeds in your diet.

How to eat Chia seeds for weight loss (Chia Seed For Weight Loss)

  1. Chia Seeds And WaterThe most effective way to reduce obesity is to drink chia seeds mixed with water. For this, soak chia seeds in a glass of water. If you want, you can soak it for the whole night or keeping it soaked for 1-2 hours is also enough. Chia seeds will become gel like after soaking. Now mix lemon juice or orange juice in water and drink it along with the seeds.
  2. Chia Seeds And Salad- You can also eat chia seeds by adding them to salad before eating. For this you will not have to do any special hard work. Put chia seeds on your salad and eat it dry like this.
  3. Chia Seed Powder- If you do not like the taste of chia seeds in the form of seeds, then you can also eat its powder by making it. Grind chia seeds in a grinder and eat it daily with one or two spoons of milk or lukewarm water. Keep in mind that after grinding chia, the powder may become slightly sticky.
  4. Chia Seeds And Quinoa- Chia seeds can also be eaten by mixing them with quinoa or rice. You can also cook it by adding it while cooking rice or quinoa. With this, you will not be able to taste the chia seeds much and you can eat them easily.
  5. Chia Seed And Oatmeal- Eating chia seeds for breakfast reduces obesity. This keeps the stomach full in a healthy way. You can eat it by mixing it with porridge or oats. If you want, you can also cook chia seeds by mixing them. Or mix 1 spoon of it in porridge and oats.

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