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How to wash silk sarees at home, this mistake can spoil thousands of sarees.

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How to wash silk saree

Precious sarees also have to be taken good care of. Especially most people avoid washing silk sarees at home. These sarees are very expensive and there is a fear of their shine and color getting spoiled by washing them at home. This is the reason why people get their silk sarees dry cleaned. However, keeping some things in mind, you can wash silk sarees at home also. But keep in mind that washing like ordinary clothes can spoil the silk saree. Therefore, read these important things before washing. The tips given by us will be very useful for you.

How to wash silk saree at home

  1. Do not use hot water- If you are washing a silk saree or suit at home, then the first thing is not to use hot water for this. Always hand wash silk with cold water. Before washing the saree, soak it in a bucket for half an hour. Now start further washing process.
  2. Mix vinegar in water- Use vinegar to wash silk sarees. Fill a bucket with water and mix 2 teaspoons of vinegar. Now take out the saree from the soaked water and leave it in vinegar water for 10-15 minutes. You do not have to keep the quantity of vinegar more or less.
  3. Use mild detergent- To wash soft and precious fabric like silk, you have to use mild detergent. You don’t have to use too much detergent. The saree will be cleaned with mild detergent and the shine will also remain. This will not damage the silk fabric either. You can also use no bleach detergent. If there is nothing then you can also add easy.
  4. Do not mix with other clothes- Whenever you wash a silk saree, keep in mind that do not mix any other cloth with it. Now after removing the saree from detergent, rinse it thoroughly. It would be better if you fill the bucket with water and wash it.
  5. Do not dry in strong sunlight- After washing a silk saree, do not wring it. You dry it like this. Keep in mind that you should not dry it in strong and direct sunlight. Dry the silk saree indoors, on the balcony or in a shady place. If you are drying it in the balcony, cover it with a towel. The color of the saree may fade in strong sunlight.

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