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Hugging gives amazing health benefits, give a magical hug to your loved ones on special days – India TV Hindi

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Today is the sixth day of Valentine’s Day. This day is celebrated as ‘Hug Day’. Hug means embracing each other. On this day couples express their love by embracing each other. But do you know that hugging also has many health benefits. Hugging releases happy hormones, which reduces stress and keeps the mind happy. By reducing stress, we also get saved from many serious problems. Let us tell you what will be the benefits of giving a magic hug to your health?

  1. Stress is reduced: If you are suffering from depression, you feel good when someone hugs you. Also, by sleeping together in this way, you will also get better sleep compared to other days. It has been proven in research that cuddling with your partner helps fight depression. The release of a hormone called oxytocin from the blood during a hug fights depression. If you sleep in your partner’s arms, not only do you get a comfortable and peaceful sleep but you also wake up the next day with a big smile on your face.
  2. can understand each other: Regularly hugging a loved one releases two hormones called oxytocin and cortisol in the blood. Both these hormones fight stress and depression and help the couple understand each other. If you want to remain healthy for a long time, then hug your partner regularly.
  3. Gets relief from bad habits: By hugging your partner regularly, you can also get rid of bad habits. If your partner is a smoker or has any other bad habit, then hug him/her every night. This will also make him feel safe. So that after coming home, he will leave his bad habits and want to hug you. Along with this, you should hug your partner and tell him what is right and what is wrong for him. When you are saying these things, hold your partner tightly on your arms and say them. Then see its magic.
  4. Blood pressure will be controlled: Gargling is also very beneficial for your health. It can also help you reduce depression. It can also control blood pressure. If your blood pressure remains fine then you will not be affected by headache and other diseases.

On this ‘Promise Day’, make your relationship stronger with these good wishes and promises.

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