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If you also want to look fit like actresses then follow this diet plan, the effect will be visible within a month.

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Nowadays, people have become so addicted to social media that they are unable to live without it. On one hand, people swear to get rid of obesity, on the other hand, they waste their time by sitting on social media for hours and wondering how actresses like Disha Patani, Shilpa Shetty remain so fit and active? So let us tell you that first of all be alert about your health and fitness. These days, people across the country and the world are becoming victims of obesity. Due to weight gain, the body becomes home to diseases. Especially your cholesterol level increases very rapidly. Due to which people become more victims of heart related diseases in this season. In such a situation, so that you do not fall prey to it, first of all change your lifestyle. Follow this diet plan to look fit and slim like an actress.

  1. Get up in the morning- Change your daily routine and make it a habit to wake up every morning. Waking up in the morning keeps your body and mind positive.
  2. say goodbye to sugar – To keep your health fit and healthy, stop consuming sweets. You can get a fit body only by staying away from sugar and sweets. Due to eating too much sweets, the amount of insulin in the body increases and the possibility of diabetes increases. If you feel like eating too much sweets during your diet, then eat fruits.
  3. Keep yourself hydrated – Drink 3 to 4 liters of water throughout the day to keep yourself hydrated. And also stay away from alcohol, sugar, soda and products that dehydrate the body very quickly.
  4. It is important to have meal balance – Take care of your meals, protein is the most important vitamin source in meals. Include whole grains, fruits, vegetables and carbs in your diet regularly. Including these in the diet is very helpful in reducing weight and also in maintaining blood sugar. Eat healthy food to keep your energy levels high. Small 6 times a day. Eat small meals. So that there is plenty of energy during the workout session. Never skip your meals and breakfast.
  5. Do a workout – Include workout in your life. By not exercising, a layer of obesity starts accumulating on your body and it gradually keeps increasing. Therefore, exercise for half an hour every day.

To get glowing skin like Malaika Arora, drink the juice of this green fruit, the effect will be visible within 1 week.

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