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If you are going to attend Pran Pratishtha in Ayodhya, then do not forget to taste these things.

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Famous food of Ayodhya

People have already started reaching Ayodhya to participate in the consecration of Ram Lala. Many Ram devotees from India and abroad will reach Ayodhya city to participate in the grand ceremony to be held on 22 January. Many dignitaries of the country have been invited to attend the ceremony. Many film personalities including Prime Minister Narendra Modi, ministers, saints and devotees will participate. The entire Ayodhya city is ready to welcome Ramlala. Everyone wants to see this historical moment with their own eyes. If you are also going to Ayodhya, then do not forget to taste the famous food here. Many traditional food items are available in Ayodhya, which will make your journey more special. You must enjoy the local street food here.

Famous Street Food Of Ayodhya

  1. Rabdi Malpua- There is a lot of trend of eating Malpua and Rabri in Ayodhya. You will find crowds of people eating Malpua and Rabdi at the hotels and sweet shops of Ayodhya. Its taste is very special. If you have reached Ayodhya then do not forget to eat Malpua-Rabri after seeing Ramlala.

  2. Peda and butter cream- Although Peda of Mathura is famous, but Ramlala also likes Peda. Peda and butter cream are very much liked in Ayodhya. You will find peda and butter in the sweet shops here, whose taste you should definitely taste once.

  3. Pakodas- Gabbar pakodas are quite famous in Ayodhya. Gabbar Pakodas are available near Ram Temple. Which tastes amazing. From paneer pakodas to seasonal vegetable pakodas, it is easily available here. You too must eat Gabbar’s pakodas.

  4. licking- In the streets of Ayodhya you will find a line of people eating spicy chaat. Here you can eat tikki, samosa, kachori and potato chaat without thinking. You will like the desi taste very much.

  5. Ram Laddoo- People who like salty and spicy food will like the taste of Ram Laddu. Hot moong dal ram laddus are served with green chutney and tamarind chutney. You will find Ram Laddus in restaurants and street stalls.

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