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If you are taking your crush on a date for the first time then keep these things in mind otherwise Valentine’s Day – India TV Hindi

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Valentine’s Day is celebrated on 14 February. This day is for those in love. On this day, many boys express their feelings to their crushes and sometimes some boys also get rejected. This is an amazing miracle. In which many hearts are broken and many hearts are joined for life. If your crush has agreed to go on a date with you, then do not be too happy. If you do not pay attention to these small things while going on a date, then it is possible that this may be your last date with your crush. Actually, many times boys do not understand what to do, what to wear, what to talk about, how to react before going on a date. We are going to tell you about such small things. So that your date becomes superhit.

Keep these things in mind:

  1. Choose the right place: The biggest thing is which place you choose for the date. Keep in mind that never choose a very noisy and crowded place for the first date. If you choose a quiet and never seen place, then the date of both of you will be special.
  2. Arrived on time: Try to reach the date before the scheduled time. Girls like this quality of boys very much. If you are not able to reach the date on time, then immediately inform the other person by sending a message or calling. But keep in mind that you should not be too late otherwise your first impression will be spoiled.
  3. Prepare properly: Always dress well while going on a date. Wear ionized clothing. Set your hair neatly and wear clean shoes. Because first of all people look at your external personality.
  4. Negotiate with confidence: Often people feel nervous while going on a date and say something in a hurry or do something that the other person does not like. Therefore, talk slowly but there should be confidence in it.
  5. be you’re self: Many times people talk big and show off their things to make themselves look better in front of their crush. If you really want to get the love of your crush, then do not show off in front of them even by mistake.
  6. Make you feel comfortable: If your crush is unable to feel comfortable in front of you, then first make him/her feel comfortable. You talk about his favorite things. Try to know about them and tell about yourself too. Gradually increase the conversation, this will make him feel comfortable.
  7. Pay attention to things: If your crush is telling you something related to his life, then listen to him carefully. Pay attention to what they say and not to your mobile.
  8. Don’t talk about ex: If you are going on a date, do not even forget to talk about your past relationship. Don’t compare your crush to your ex. Unless the other person asks about your past, do not say anything about it.

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