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If you get burnt while cooking, do these home remedies in the next 60 seconds – India TV Hindi

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Home Remedies for Burns

Home Remedies for Burns: Many times it happens that while cooking, oil spills out and falls on some part of the body. Or the hand gets stuck to some vessel. Apart from this, sometimes this problem also occurs due to hot tea or water. In such a situation, if you immediately take this remedy while standing in the kitchen (What should you do if you get a burn while cooking), then you will neither get any burning sensation nor will it appear in the form of blisters and stains after your burn. So, let us know what should be applied on a burnt wound. Also, which home remedies work more effectively in this?

What to do in next 60 seconds if you get burnt while cooking?

1. Apply ice

As soon as your hand gets burnt or oil spills on it, first wash it with water and immediately apply ice on it. Doing this can immediately prevent it from becoming a wound or irritation. Apart from this, you will not get blisters and there will be no stains after burning.

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2. Apply honey

Applying honey can immediately stop it from forming a wound. Actually, honey works like an antiseptic and it stops the irritation in the skin and prevents the formation of blisters. So, all you have to do is apply honey on your hands if you get burnt while cooking. Leave it for a while and then wash it with cold water.

cold milk

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cold milk

3. Apply aloe vera gel

Aloe vera gel is an antibiotic for the skin. It is antiseptic and cool too. So, when you get burnt, immediately take out aloe vera gel and apply it on this burnt area. Leave it like this for a long time and then wash it with cold water.

4. Apply paste

If you suddenly get burnt, go immediately and apply the paste on your hands. Doing this helps in reducing this irritation. Apart from this, it will prevent blisters from appearing. It will also soothe pain and irritation.

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5. Apply cold milk

Applying cold milk helps in reducing the burning sensation. This prevents blisters from appearing. It also prevents stains from occurring. This way it works for you. So, if you get burnt while cooking, try these remedies in 60 seconds.

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