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If you want to do hair makeover on New Year then apply beetroot mask, you will get natural color.

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Beetroot hair mask

Having the same hair often makes people look boring. People keep experimenting with their hair to get a new and refreshing look. Hair coloring completely changes anyone’s look and face. If you also want to color your hair in the coming new year and do not want to use chemical products, then this beetroot mask is for you. Apart from eating beetroot, you can also use it for the betterment of your hair and skin. Beetroot is very effective in making hair bright red. Beetroot will give natural color to your hair. You can color your hair red with the help of these 3 methods.

Mix it with olive oil and apply: Mix beetroot juice and crushed ginger in olive oil and apply this paste on your hair. By applying this your hair color will change immediately. To make this paste, add beetroot juice, crushed ginger and 2-3 spoons of olive oil in a bowl and mix them well. Now apply this paste on hair, wash your hair with shampoo after at least 3-4 hours. Using this paste 2-3 times a week will help in making the hair color darker.

Beetroot Hair Mask: You can also give red color to your hair with the help of beetroot hair mask. To make this hair mask, mix amla powder, henna powder, beetroot juice and lemon juice together and apply it. Apply this mixture for 3-4 hours. After that wash your hair. Apply it once a week and you will get instant results.

Beetroot and Amla Juice: You can get a great hair color with beetroot and amla juice. First of all, take a beetroot and make its juice. Now add 1 teaspoon almond oil, half cup of amla juice and 3 cups of vitamin E juice to it. Mix this paste well. Now apply it on your hair. After drying, wash your hair with mild shampoo. Apply this paste twice a week. This will give natural color to your hair. Also your hair will become stronger from the roots.

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