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If you want to have skin like Alia Bhatt then do this small task every night before sleeping.

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How to get radiant skin

We all want to take the best care of our skis. But many times we are not able to do it even if we want to, due to which we face many skin related problems. But let us also say that taking care of the skin is not that difficult. Apply these few things on your skin at night. The glow that this brings to your skin will be visible, by adopting these rituals at night you can get skin like Alia Bhatt. Let us tell you how to take care of your skin at night.

Don’t forget to apply these things on your skin before sleeping.

coconut oil

If your hair is very dry then apply coconut oil at night. Coconut oil will prove to be very beneficial for you. Sleeping with coconut oil provides moisture to the skin and also provides antibacterial properties to the face, which makes the skin look glowing.

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Aloe vera gel

Whenever you get a chance, apply aloe vera gel on your skin. Its skin gets coolness. But do apply this gel at night. Aloe vera gel provides hydration to the skin and removes many skin related problems.

raw milk

To remove tanning and dead skin cells, you can apply aloe vera gel before sleeping at night. Before sleeping at night, take one hundred and two spoons of raw milk on your palm and rub it on the entire face with your finger or with the help of cotton and go to sleep.

Rose water

Rose water is used on the skin in many ways. Some apply it as a toner while others try to enhance the beauty of their face by adding rose water to face packs. You can apply rose water on your face with cotton before sleeping at night.

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