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If you want to protect expensive jewelery from turning black, then adopt this right way to store it – India TV Hindi

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How to keep precious jewelery

Nowadays people have started using artificial jewelery a lot. You will get artificial jewelery in the best designs. Their price also runs into thousands. However, as beautiful as this jewelery looks, it becomes equally difficult to store it. to artificial jewelery

If not kept properly, its color starts turning black and your precious jewelery starts getting spoiled due to slight carelessness. Today we are telling you an easy way to store jewellery. Due to which the shine of your artificial jewelery will remain intact for years.

  1. Keep jewelery separately- There are many types of jewelery like silver jewellery, pearl jewelery and stone jewellery. In such a situation, you should store different jewelery in different ways. You can keep all your silver jewelery in one place. Delicate jewelery should be stored separately. The material of all jewelery is different and they should be stored separately.

  2. Keep jewelery thoroughly cleaned- Whenever you use and store jewellery, clean it first. Many times water or some food items fall on the jewellery. In such a situation, the dirt sticks to the jewelery and then turns black. In such a situation, jewelery should be cleaned and stored properly.

  3. Keep delicate jewelery with care- Store very delicate and thin jewelery in a place where it is away from direct sunlight. If sunlight falls directly on jewellery, it tends to get damaged. If the jewelery is a bit thick, keep it tightly tied in a bag. Jewelery also gets damaged due to exposure to wind.

  4. How to keep pearl jewellery- If you have pearl jewellery, always store it in a wooden box. Keeping pearls in a bag or plastic bag spoils them. Therefore, always keep pearls in a wooden box.

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