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In winter, eat tikkis made of millet, jaggery and sesame, the taste is such that even cookies fail.

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Millet Tikki

Millet must be eaten in winter. Millet keeps the body warm and brings down the blood sugar level. You can make millet roti and eat it. Apart from this, millet khichdi is very tasty to eat. Millet porridge is also very healthy. The most delicious are the tikkis made from millet flour, which are also called millet tikkis. Millet cakes are sweet, crunchy and very healthy in taste. Tikkis prepared from sesame, jaggery and millet flour can be eaten for breakfast or snacks in winter. Their taste is amazing. Know the method of making millet tikki.

Easy method of making millet tikki

  • To make millet flour tikki, you have to take 500 grams of millet flour and sift it.
  • Now soak about 350 grams of jaggery in a vessel. Cut the jaggery into fine pieces and soak them in hot water.
  • Keep in mind not to take too much water, because the dough has to be prepared by kneading it with this water.
  • Now take about 1 small bowl of white sesame seeds and dry roast them lightly and then grind them coarsely.
  • If you want, you can roast and use sesame seeds without grinding them.
  • Grind some small cardamoms and mix them in the flour and mix the remaining grated coconut.
  • Mix all the ingredients in millet and then add 4-5 spoons of desi ghee to the flour.
  • Now mix all these things and prepare a soft dough by kneading it with jaggery water.
  • Make a roti-sized ball from the flour and roll it gently by placing it on a rolling pin.
  • If you want, you can make the dough bigger with your hands and prepare it in a tikki-like shape.
  • Now fry these millet tikkis in desi ghee or any other oil until they turn golden.
  • Tasty tikkis made from millet flour are ready, which you can easily eat for 15 days.
  • Millet Tikki is the best dish for Makar Sankranti which tastes very tasty.

These drinks are better than drinking tea again and again in cold, it will instantly bring warmth to the body.

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