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Increase heat in your diet as the temperature decreases, eat boiled eggs in these 3 ways.

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boiled eggs recipes

In winter, it is so difficult to wake up in the morning that making breakfast seems even more difficult. But, with the falling temperature, health related problems can increase in winter, hence it is important to have energy in the body. In such a situation, you can boil the egg in a very short time and eat it by including it in some special recipes. The special thing is that it will not take you much time to make these things from boiled eggs. Besides, eating them is helpful in providing energy to your body and improving your brain health. So, let us know how you can eat boiled eggs for breakfast.

Eat boiled egg in these 3 ways – boiled egg recipes for breakfast

1. Egg Masala Roti

Making egg masala roti is very easy. All you have to do is make roti and boil eggs. Then peel the boiled egg and cut it. Then add chopped onion, coriander leaves, green chilli and tomato to it. Mix black pepper powder, salt and red chili powder on top. Mix salt and mustard oil and fill it in the middle of the roti. Roll, heat the roti once on the pan and eat it.

This pudding gives more warmth than a quilt or blanket in winter, eating it daily will keep cold, cough and infection away.

2. Boiled Egg Bhujiya

Everyone should eat boiled egg bhujiya. It is very tasty and very hot for the body. So, heat a pan, add some oil and chopped onion and mix. Then add chopped green chillies and add some salt on top. Add some finely chopped carrots and capsicum. Sprinkle all the spices lightly and your boiled egg bhujiya is ready.

boiled egg paratha

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boiled egg paratha

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3. Egg Paratha

You can also make paratha and eat boiled eggs. All you have to do is mash the boiled eggs. Mix coriander leaves, onion and green chilli in it. Then add some salt and black pepper to it. Then, like a normal paratha, fill it with dough, roll it out, cook it and serve it with green chutney or curd.

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