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Increase this 1 thing in the body and the problem of white hair will not happen again, know what to do? – India TV Hindi

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how to increase melanin production

Nowadays many people are troubled by the problem of white hair. People apply different types of colors and henna to the hair so that the hair becomes black. But to darken the hair, there is a need to increase melanin production in hair and not to color the hair. Actually, due to lack of melanin, hair starts turning white rapidly. In such a situation, to increase the color of hair, you can follow these tips which work effectively for hair. These increase melanin and improve hair color. So, let us know how to increase melanin.

How to increase melanin production

1. Take these vitamins

Vitamin A, C and B12 are the most important vitamins to increase melanin production in your hair. These blacken the hair from inside and improve their complexion. So, for these reasons you should consume foods rich in Vitamin A to increase melanin. Also eat sour foods rich in Vitamin C. These improve the color of hair from within.

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2. Eat these foods

Consumption of foods like orange, grapes, pineapple is helpful in increasing melanin production. These Vitamin C foods trigger melanin in the body and help in improving the complexion. Apart from this, these foods reduce oxidative stress and prevent hair from greying. Apart from this, it reduces all the reasons due to which hair becomes grey.

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3. Apply these things in hair

Amla and Bhringraj can improve the color of hair. So, all you have to do is prepare Amla powder and mix Bhringraj water in it. Then apply it on hair. It is helpful in blackening the hair as well as improving its complexion. Besides, it reduces melanin production due to which hair always remains black. So, keep these things in mind and dye your hair black.

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