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Is it okay to apply coconut oil even in this season? Know which oil to apply to hair in winter

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Winter hair oil: It is important to apply oil to hair even in winter. This is because the oil improves blood circulation in the scalp and it reduces dryness, due to which there is no problem of dandruff. Also, there is a higher risk of scalp infection in winter, which can be reduced by using oil continuously. But, the question is which oil should you apply to your hair in winter. Is applying coconut oil good for hair? Applying this can increase many hair problems. Come, let us know about this in detail.

Is it okay to apply coconut oil even in this season?

It is not right to apply coconut oil to hair in centuries. This is because the particles of this oil are thick and can block the scalp. Apart from this, it can affect the blood circulation in the hair. It can settle on your scalp and is not easily cleaned and due to this, the risk of scalp infection is high. Additionally, frequent flaky dandruff may also occur.

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Not only this, it is not easy to wash hair after applying coconut oil. Even if you wash your hair, oiliness remains in the hair and the hair and scalp appear oily. Therefore, do not apply this oil in your hair in this season.


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Which oil to apply to hair in winter?

You should apply some light oil to your hair in winter. Like apply almond oil or sesame oil. Doing this helps in maintaining better hair texture. While it nourishes the hair, it also reduces its dryness. It reduces the problem of split ends and helps in increasing hair growth. So, just apply these two oils to your hair.

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