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Know whether it is right or wrong to bathe children at night and make them sleep under quilt in cold weather.

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bathing the baby in the cold at night

Cold is at its peak. In such a situation, protecting small children from cold is no less than a challenge. Bathing children in winter is also a big task. No one, whether adults or children, likes to take bath in cold weather. People who have to go to office early in the morning often take a bath at night and sleep. Some people take bath in the evening after returning from office. Some people also bathe small children at night (Winter Night Bath for kids). People think that if they wrap their baby in a quilt after bathing them, they will not catch cold. If you also do the same, then know how right and wrong it is to do so in the cold season?

It is okay to bathe children at night in summer, but doing so in winter is not good for the health of children. If you put your baby directly into the quilt or blanket after bathing, then change this habit today itself. This causes sudden changes in body temperature, which can make the child sick. By doing this the child may be at risk of viral disease. Sometimes children may have breathing problems.

Keep these things in mind while bathing children in winter

  1. Do not pour directly into the tub- Some people put their children directly in water while bathing them. If the child takes bath in the bathtub then do not do this. Before bathing the baby, his body needs to cool down. For this, take a towel soaked in lukewarm water and wipe the child’s body thoroughly. Do not bathe the child with a mug or shower in winter. Bathe by pouring water little by little with your hands.
  2. Do these things after bathing- Avoid dressing the baby immediately after bathing. Many times people feel that bathing will make their children cold and they immediately dress them. It is wrong to do this. Keep the baby in the towel for a while and wipe it thoroughly. Keep children covered with a towel.
  3. Be sure to apply moisturizer- Children’s skin becomes dry in winter due to which the problem of itching starts. Hot water also increases dryness. Therefore, after wiping the baby, apply moisturizer on his entire body. This will keep the skin soft and hydrated.

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