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Leave chemical color, apply vegan hair dye on hair, get naturally black hair – India TV Hindi

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Nowadays, people’s hair has started turning gray at a very young age. The biggest reason behind this is not taking proper care of hair and using excessive chemicals. Many problems have started increasing due to not applying oil to hair. Graying of hair with age is natural, but graying of hair at the age of 20-22 years is due to lack of nutrition and hair care in the body. Premature gray hair can spoil your beauty. Hair not only enhances beauty but also increases self-confidence. Therefore, as soon as the hair turns white, people start coloring it in some way or the other. Many colors are available in the market, but they are also rich in chemicals. Applying color removes gray hair but chemicals spoil the hair. Today we are telling you about natural color i.e. vegan hair dye for coloring hair. Due to which your hair will get the desired color and there will be no harm. Know how to use vegan hair dye on white hair?

What is vegan hair dye?

Vegan hair dye is a herbal treatment for hair. This dye is prepared from beetroot, carrot, honey and other vegetables. It does not contain any chemical of any kind. This is the reason why it is considered very beneficial for hair. Hair can be colored easily with this hair dye. Vegan hair color gradually reduces all the problems related to hair roots.

How to make vegan hair color

For this, take 5-6 spoons of ground henna and mix beetroot juice, carrot juice and honey in it. You can also add 1-2 spoons of almond oil in it. Mix all these things and then apply it on the hair. Keep it for about one to one and a half hours and then wash it with water.

Benefits of vegan hair dye

Prevent hair breakage- Using vegan hair dye not only colors the hair but also reduces the problem of hair breakage. Vegan hair dyes contain parabens, ammonia, peroxide and hydrogen which prevent hair breakage. This makes the hair stronger and also colored.

Makes hair soft- Applying chemical colors makes the hair dry and lifeless. Whereas applying vegan hair dye makes hair soft. Many types of oils are used in making it. Which prevents hair from becoming dry. Along with coloring the hair, it also helps in good growth of hair. Vegan hair dye makes hair silky.

If you want to look most beautiful in photos without filters, then keep these things in mind while doing makeup.

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