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Leave the gym, now you can exercise at home with just a pillow – India TV Hindi

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Nowadays obesity is becoming a common problem among people. Eating habits have become such that no matter how hard you try, you cannot lose weight. To lose weight one has to exercise for hours in the gym. Many times gyms are far away so it becomes lazy to travel. In such a situation, you can do exercise at home itself. Due to lack of time, people look for various solutions so that they can stay fit and lose weight easily. Therefore, today we are telling you about effective weight loss exercises using pillows. Yes, your pillow, which you can use as an exercise tool. Let us know which exercises you can do with a pillow.

Do this exercise at home with a pillow

  1. Squat Toss- This is such an exercise which exercises your upper body as well as lower body. To do a squat, first toss your pillow upward and catch the pillow on the way down. You have to keep doing this exercise for at least 30 seconds.

  2. Wall Seat Pillow Fly- To do this exercise, keep the legs in one position. First of all, sit with your back towards a wall and take a pillow in your hand. Now take the pillow above your head. Then take it to the right side and then take it to the left side.

  3. Wall Seat Chest Press- For this, take support of the wall and sit in a squat position i.e. on your knees. This will start reducing the fat in your thighs. Now hold the pillow between your two hands. Now keep moving the hands back and forth and take care that the hands do not bend.

  4. Side Slam- This exercise not only reduces weight but also reduces stress. This makes the upper body toned. For this, take a pillow and hit it hard on the wall. First do this with the left hand and then do the same with the right hand. Arm fat can be reduced by this.

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