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Make delicious rasmalai from bread on Basant Panchami, note down this easy recipe – India TV Hindi

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Bread Rasmalai

There is no fun on a festival unless there is something sweet to eat. Yellow colored dishes are especially prepared on the day of Basant Panchami. Yellow color has special significance on this day. You must have eaten a lot of yellow colored rice, laddu or halwa on Basant Panchami, but today we are telling you to make yellow colored rasmalai made from bread. This delicious rasmalai made from bread tastes very tasty. It is very easy to make it at home. You just have to take milk, sugar, dry fruits and white bread. You can prepare Rasmalai quickly. Know the easy recipe of making rasmalai from bread.

How to make Rasmalai from bread, note the easy recipe

  • To make Rasmalai from bread, take white bread and cut the hard line from its edge.

  • Similarly, prepare about 6-7 breads by cutting all the edges.

  • Now take about one and a half liter milk. You can take full cream or any milk.

  • Keep the milk boiling in a heavy pan and keep stirring it continuously.

  • When the milk thickens to about half, add sugar and, if desired, some ground cardamom.

  • You can add saffron or yellow food color to milk to make it yellow.

  • Add sugar as per your taste and after cooking for some time, turn off the gas.

  • Now take out about half of the prepared milk in a plate or a big and wide vessel.

  • Let it cool and prepare some dry fruits by finely chopping them.

  • Now soak the bread in cooled milk and press it with your hands and place some dry fruits in the middle.

  • Now press the bread with hands to remove the extra milk and fold the bread to make a shape like laddu or rasmalai.

  • You have to prepare all the Rasmalai like this and then keep them in a plate.

  • Now pour the remaining milk on the rasmalai prepared from bread and keep it in the refrigerator.

  • Tasty rasmalai made from bread is ready. Which you can prepare for any function.

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