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Make delicious sesame and mawa laddus on Makar Sankranti, know the easy recipe

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Sesame laddu recipe

Til Ke Laddu Recipe: Different types of dishes are prepared on the day of Makar Sankranti, but sesame has the most importance on Sankranti. Sesame laddus are definitely made and eaten on Sankranti. Even today, mom prepares tasty laddus of sesame and khoya before Sankranti. Children like these laddus so much that they eat 2-3 laddus at a time. Things made from sesame seeds are also considered good for health in winter. Sesame seeds generate heat in the body and make bones strong. Therefore, for Makar Sankranti, you should also prepare these sesame and mawa laddus. It is very easy to make sesame laddus. Know the recipe.

What ingredients are required to make sesame laddus?

  • You need about 500 grams of white sesame seeds for this
  • For laddu you have to take only 500 grams of fresh mawa.
  • You need 500 grams of sugar to add it.
  • Chop 15 cashew nuts and mix them in sesame laddu.
  • About 4-5 cardamom powder is required
  • a little raisins if you like

Recipe for making sesame and mawa laddus

  1. To prepare sesame and mawa laddus, first lightly dry roast the sesame seeds in a pan.
  2. When the sesame seeds start crackling, understand that they are roasted and take them out in a plate and let them cool.
  3. Fry the mawa a little, it will become hot and taste good when it becomes light brown.
  4. Peel the cardamom and prepare a fine powder and cut the cashew nuts into small pieces.
  5. Now put the sesame seeds in the mixer and rotate it once. You have to grind it coarsely and not finely.
  6. Take a big vessel and mix ground sesame seeds, roasted mawa and boora well in it.
  7. Mix chopped cashews and cardamom powder well in it and mix everything with hands.
  8. Now while making laddu, take 1 raisin in your hand and start making laddu and the raisin will stick to it.
  9. You have to prepare all the laddus like this. Laddus made of sesame and mawa are very tasty to eat in winter.
  10. You can easily eat these laddus for a week

These traditional dishes are prepared in every house on Lohri, your mouth will water after seeing them.

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