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Make homemade oil by mixing these two special things in coconut oil, use it on bald head – India TV Hindi

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Homemade Oil For Hair

Nowadays every second person is troubled by hair fall. People make so much effort to keep their hair on their heads. The most expensive shampoos and the most expensive treatments are provided. If your hair is falling continuously but you cannot afford expensive treatment or shampoo for your hair, then we have brought a completely desi solution for you. People have been using these home remedies since the time of their grandmothers. This will not cost you much money and your hair will start growing back on your head. Let us tell you what that solution is. Make this oil by mixing these few things in coconut oil. This will stop your hair fall and new hair will start growing on your head, let us tell you how to make this oil.

Make homemade oil from coconut oil, fenugreek and curry leaves

Coconut oil is very beneficial for hair. Vitamin B, Vitamin C, protein and many such anti-oxidants are found in curry leaves which are helpful in increasing hair growth by nourishing the scalp. Whereas fenugreek strengthens your hair follicles. Many such nutrients are found in it which take better care of hair.

Massage your soles with sesame oil every night before sleeping, you will get tremendous benefits for your health.

How to make homemade oil?

First of all, turn on the gas, now place a pan on it. Now take 1 big cup of coconut oil and pour all the oil in it. After 2 minutes, add 2 spoons of fenugreek and 20-25 curry leaves. Boil it well. When the oil boils, turn off the gas. Now put the oil in a jar. Your homemade oil is ready. Now apply this oil on the roots of your hair 2 days a week. By applying this oil, your hair fall will stop within a few days.

Use this oil before sleeping at night, hair fall will be controlled; gray hair will also disappear

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