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Make tasty Malida from millet roti, jaggery and ghee, it will be fun to eat with dal.

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Malida Recipe: It is very important to take diet according to the season in winter. Many such things are prepared in winter which taste delicious and are also beneficial for health. Millet remains very healthy in winter. You can prepare and eat millet roti, millet tikki and millet malaida. Malida made from millet bread is eaten with great fondness in many states of North India like Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Rajasthan and Punjab. You can eat Malida as a sweet dish. Apart from this, some people also eat Malida made from urad dal. Jaggery and ghee are added to Malida. It is made by mashing millet bread. Eating Malida provides warmth to the body and also provides plenty of energy. Know how to make Malida and what is the recipe of Malida?

Ingredients for making Malida

To make Bajra Roti Malida, you need 1 cup of Bajra flour. In this, take 1 cup of broken jaggery and 2-3 spoons of desi ghee, cardamom powder, 5 cashew nuts and 5 chopped almonds and 1 pinch of salt.

Recipe to make Malida

  • To prepare millet flour, first knead the millet flour by adding salt.

  • The dough should be kneaded soft so that millet roti can be made easily.

  • Now prepare soft millet rotis from whole flour and keep aside.

  • When the roti cools down a bit, grind it with hands to make a fine powder.

  • If it is difficult to crush it with hands, then grind it in a mixer and then rub it with hands for some time.

  • Now add mashed jaggery to this roti powder and mix it well.

  • Keep in mind that no thick piece of jaggery and bread should be left. Mix both well.

  • Now add cardamom powder and melted desi ghee to the flour and mix.

  • To enhance the taste, you can also add chopped cashew nuts and almonds to Malida and make laddus out of it.

  • Delicious Malida made from millet roti is ready. You can eat it as a sweet dish.

  • Malida is also eaten like dal baati and churma. Malaida made from urad dal is very tasty to eat.

Prepare and store Kasuri Methi in winter, it will remain fragrant throughout the year.

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