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Make this tea at home with lemon grass leaves, hair texture changes as soon as you apply it – India TV Hindi

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lemongrass oil for hair

Lemongrass is considered very beneficial for hair health. It contains antioxidants that help in keeping the hair healthy from within. It is also very beneficial for people whose hair is falling rapidly. Due to its nutritious nature, lemongrass cleanses the dirt from the scalp, which increases blood circulation in your hair and increases hair growth. Apart from this, there are many benefits of lemongrass for hair. Let us know how to make lemongrass oil and then learn how to use it.

How to make lemon grass oil

To make lemon grass oil, heat coconut oil and cook it. Then add lemon grass leaves to it and heat it. Then boil this oil, filter it thoroughly and keep it in a container. Then apply this oil on your hair and massage the hair thoroughly. Do this regularly twice a day which is helpful in increasing hair growth.

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Benefits of applying lemon grass oil

1. Increases hair growth

Lemon grass is one of the best options to increase the energy level. Using lemongrass essential oil daily may increase hair growth in your body due to the neral, geranium, citronellol, and other components.

lemongrass oil benefits

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lemongrass oil benefits

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2. Hair becomes thicker

Lemon grass oil promotes hair growth and density. These actually boost collagen in the hair and increase its nutrition. These nourish the hair from within and improve its texture. So, for all these reasons you should use lemongrass oil for hair which clears many hair related problems like scalp infection and dandruff and improves the texture of hair.

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