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Mix these things in gram flour and apply on the face, there will be no need to go to the parlor – India TV Hindi

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Gram flour face pack

Gram flour is used for everything from food to skin care and making hair healthy. Gram flour is used extensively in grandmother’s remedies. Gram flour proves to be very beneficial for the skin. Applying gram flour on the face removes spots and blemishes. It works as a natural scrub. At the same time, gram flour is also used to remove the problem of acne, remove tanning from the face and enhance its glow. Washing the face with gram flour daily also improves the complexion. However, you should take special care of the things you mix in gram flour. You will get benefits according to what you are mixing with gram flour. Know which things can be mixed with gram flour and applied on the face.

  1. Gram flour and curd- To clean the face and remove tanning, mix curd in gram flour and apply it on the face. Curd helps in cleaning and moisturizing the skin. Gram flour works to remove dead skin. Mix 2-3 spoons of curd in 2 spoons of gram flour and apply. After this wash the face with water.

  2. Gram flour and rose water- If there is a burning sensation on the face, then mix rose water in gram flour and apply it. Rose water keeps the skin hydrated and gram flour cleans the skin. This will make your skin look glowing.

  3. Orange juice in gram flour- Gram flour and orange juice can be used to improve complexion and remove blemishes. To exfoliate the skin, apply a mixture of gram flour and orange juice once a week.

  4. Potato juice in gram flour- Potato juice acts as a natural bleach. Mixing it with gram flour and applying it clears the complexion and the spots and blemishes on the face start reducing. Redness and tanning of the skin can also be reduced with this. Raw potatoes have to be used for this.

  5. Gram flour and green tea- To repair damaged skin, you can apply green tea mixed with gram flour. Green tea has antioxidant properties that reduce oxidative stress. With this the skin can be protected from damage caused by free radicals. Mix 2 spoons of gram flour in green tea water and apply it on the face.

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