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Promise day 2024: Those 3 promises that every lover should make to his partner – India TV Hindi

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Promise day 2024

Promise day 2024: Valentine’s Week is going on and under this, Promise Day will be celebrated on 11th February. On Promise Day, people take an oath to keep their love for their entire life. Apart from this, some people try to convert their relationship into marriage. Not only this, if you are married then you can make some new promises to your husband or wife which will help in increasing trust and love in your relationship. So, let us know today about those 3 promises which every lover should make to his partner.

Those 3 promises that every lover should make to his partner

1. Promise to respect

We start loving but start respecting each other less. You should never forget about mutual respect. No matter what, you should respect each other because if it is lacking then the relationship starts deteriorating. So, this time on Promise Day, promise to respect each other.

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2. Promise to give time

You should promise to give time to each other. Because due to its lack, relationships start deteriorating. So, all you have to do is promise to give time to your partner. Promise that you will keep your personal and professional life separate and make time for your relationship. You will take your relationship forward by giving time. Even if you don’t have time, you will find time.

Promise day

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Promise day

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3. Promise of support

Every partner needs support from his/her partner. Every partner wants that whether things are right or wrong, their partner should support them so that their relationship becomes strong. So, every partner should take care of this and on this Promise Day, promise their partner that they will always keep them happy and support them in all their work.

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