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Propose Day 2024: There is victory before fear! This Propose Day, express your feelings bluntly – India TV Hindi

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Propose Day 2024

Propose Day 2024: Expressing your love is not an easy task. Even the greatest people are unable to do this work and remain repenting in their mind. People always have a fear in their mind about what the other person will think about them after listening to them. Might he say no or refuse outright? All these things create anxiety in the mind and give sleepless nights. In such a situation, on this proposal day, express your feelings without any fear. Don’t think too much, just say what’s on your mind. For this you can take help of these tricks.

1. Go up front and express your feelings.

It is very important to go forward and speak from the heart. This is because it immediately removes all the confusion. Even if you say yes up front and even if you say no. This situation will become clear in your mind. So, the best thing is to go to her house and then express your feelings.

Rose Day is connected to Queen Victoria, know why Valentine’s Week starts with roses?

2. If you are scared then message me

If you are scared then you should message up front. To do this you will not have to muster as much courage as it takes to tell someone. So, you take the phone number of the other person and then message him. Also ask to reply to that message so that you can know what you have to do next.

tips for proposing

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tips for proposing

Propose your crush on Rose Day with these love filled poetry and messages, the answer will be ‘yes’ only.

3. Mail a love letter

You should mail a love letter to your lover. Express your feelings completely in this and tell them how much you like them. After this, if you get a reply from the front, then move ahead happily. If you are rejected, don’t feel bad and move on.

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