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Ramadan 2024: From Dastarkhan to dates and vermicelli, do Ramadan shopping from here – India TV Hindi

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Ramadan shopping: The holy month of Ramadan (Ramadan 2024) is about to begin and Muslim brothers and sisters around the world have started preparations for it. On this occasion, people not only buy food items but also decorate their houses. From curtains to dastarkhans are changed and people even buy new clothes for every day. So, keeping these things in mind, these markets of Delhi can be quite affordable for you and you can do all the shopping from here. So, let us know where to do Ramzan shopping in Delhi.

Where to do Ramzan shopping in Delhi

1. Chandni Chowk

Chandni Chowk is one of the oldest and most affordable markets in Delhi. The well spread market is divided into many small markets like Kinari Bazaar for clothes and borders and Khari Baoli for spices and dry fruits. So, from here you can buy things like clothes, decoration items, dates, dry fruits and vermicelli. It is available here at very affordable prices.


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Ramadan 2024: Prepare yourself before fasting, keep these things in mind from now on!

2. Sadar Bazaar

Sadar Bazaar is a place where you will get everything. Whether you are looking for clothes for yourself or jewelry or home decor and any necessary item. You will get all these things right here. Things are available in bulk here and hence you can buy cheap things from here. So, you can visit this market once for Ramzan shopping.

Holi here is no less famous than Mathura-Vrindavan, people play with the ashes of Masan instead of colours.

3. Lajpat Market

Lajpat Market can be the perfect place for Ramzan shopping. Actually, in this market you will find different types of things, especially for home decoration. Like you can buy covers, curtains, bedsheets and dastarkhans for tables and chairs. Apart from this, you can buy clothes and other things from here which you will get at affordable prices.

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