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Solve if you can! Have you ever wondered why the head itches after wearing a hat?

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wearing hat causes itching

People often feel itchy after wearing a hat. This is something that everyone has experienced. But, most of us do not think why this happens. Actually, all this is science related to blood circulation and hair pores. No matter what the cap is made of, whether it is winter or summer, after some time the hair starts itching. In this, many science type formulas are applied along with your sweat which works effectively in this condition of hair. Apart from this, there are many reasons for this (Reasons Your Head Itches When Wearing Hats), let us know about this in detail.

Why does head itch when I wear a hat?

1. Friction between hat and hair

Actually, when you wear a hat, there is friction of hair with its wool or whatever it is made of. This friction is like a positive and negative compound which recharges the electrons and protons in the scalp and creates rapid friction between the hairs which causes itching in your scalp and makes you scratch your hair.

hat itching

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hat itching

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2. Hair cannot breathe because of the cap

When you wear a cap, your hair is not able to breathe freely and due to this the head starts sweating a lot. This sweat starts accumulating in the hair and due to humidity and heat, it starts itching. Also, excessive sweating on the head can make the hat feel uncomfortable and cause the head to itch even more.

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3. Due to heat and fast blood circulation

Heat increases the blood circulation in the scalp due to which our scalp is not able to breathe properly. This irritates the hair follicles and makes your head itch. So, wearing a cap like this causes itching in the hair. In such a situation, first of all buy a good quality cap. Also, do not wear a full gin cap. Take out the topi after a few hours and when it feels cold.

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