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Such great news has come regarding tea, even those who do not drink it will now be tempted!

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Masala Tea

Masala Chai is the second best non-alcohol drink in the world! Yes, you have read it right. What could be better news than this for tea drinkers? Well, if we talk about India then tea is at number 1. Tea is not just a drink but it is a feeling for Indians. Tea if the weather is good, tea if guests come to the house, tea if you are sick, start the day with tea, here people look for an excuse to drink tea. If you have a cup of hot tea first thing in the morning, the whole day goes well. The tea which gives you energy between work and motivates you to work throughout the day is now at second place in the list of the best non-alcohol drinks in the world.

Masala tea becomes the second best non-alcohol drink in the world

In fact most recently TasteAtlas which is an encyclopedia of traditional dishes, local ingredients and authentic restaurants from around the world. It has released a list of the world’s best non-alcohol beverages in which masala tea has been placed at the second position.

Aguas Frescas Mexico’s No. 1 Drink

Mexico’s Aguas Frescas has been placed at the first place in this list. It is a drink that is prepared by mixing fruits, cucumbers, flowers, seeds and grains with sugar and water.

An Instagram post from the company said that ‘Masala Chai is an aromatic beverage originating from India, which is prepared by adding milk to sweetened black tea. It is made spicy by adding cardamom, ginger, cloves, cinnamon, and black pepper.

Mango Lassi at number three in the list

In this list, India’s Mango Lassi i.e. Mango Lassi has been placed at third place. Earlier it has also received the title of ‘Best Dairy Beverage in the World’. In another list, TasteAtlas ranked India’s Basmati rice as the best rice in the world.

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