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Surprise your partner on Valentine’s Day – India TV Hindi

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Surprise Valentine’s Day plan

While on one hand the spring season begins in the month of February, on the other hand the sweetness of love also starts dissolving in the winds of this season. 14th February is the day of lovers, this day is celebrated as ‘Valentine’s Day’ all over the world. ‘Valentine Week’ starts from 7th February. Every day of the week-long festival of lovers is special. To celebrate Valentine’s Day, some people go out for a walk while some people celebrate this day by going to fancy restaurants. But if you have not been able to plan anything yet, do not be disappointed. You can make this Valentine’s Day memorable even sitting at home and surprise your partner. Now you must be wondering what kind of surprise is there at home? Let us tell you how you can replicate the glamor of fancy and expensive restaurants at home. Here we are giving you some ideas to surprise your partner on the occasion of Valentine’s Day.

Make the house fragrant with candles and flowers:

To surprise your partner, first decorate your house. Actually, you are planning a surprise valentine at home, so you can decorate the house as per your wish. But if you use candles and flowers to decorate your house, then the glow of your house and the smile of your partner will be worth seeing. Decorate the corners of the house with fragrance candles and flowers of your partner’s choice.

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Welcome with a love note in the bedroom:

Now swim to give another surprise to your partner. Decorate your bedroom with some balloons and love notes. Put a love note on the wall of your bed. In this love note, write down your Valentine’s memories before the wedding and all the fond memories after the wedding. Also, in these love notes, remind them how special they are to you. Don’t forget to keep heart shaped balloons on the bed.

Make partner’s favorite dish:

After seeing the house and bedroom, your partner’s expectations from you must have increased a lot. So, to make this day even more special, prepare a dish of their choice with your own hands. When they come to know that you yourself have prepared dinner for them, they might even have tears of happiness in their eyes.

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Have a candle light dinner in the gallery:

Now that the balcony of your house is saved, you can also use it for Valentine’s Day. Keep a candle light dinner for your partner in the balcony of your house. Decorate the dining table with rose flowers. Serve their favorite food made with your own hands on a plate. Seeing these efforts of yours, your partner will consider himself lucky.

Favorite surprise gift:

What is Valentine’s Day without a gift, so finally gift them a gift of their choice. Like – customized jewellery, watch, perfume or even books if they like.

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