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Termites have infested the furniture and walls of the house, get rid of them with effective home remedies.

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ways to get rid of termites

Termites make the valuable furniture kept in homes hollow. If termites are found in the house, it should be controlled immediately. Otherwise you will not even know and you will have to face a loss of thousands. Termites are such creatures. After which we do not even notice for a long time after their growth, but termites gradually make that thing completely hollow. Termites often get infested in the doors, windows and furniture of the house. Especially people living on ground floor are more troubled by termites. Due to moisture, sometimes termites get infested in the walls also. If there is a problem of termites in your house then adopt these home remedies without any delay.

Home remedies to get rid of termites

  1. Use of salt- If there is a problem of termites in the house then use salt. Very few people know that salt works effectively in getting rid of termites. Salt has properties that ward off termites. Sprinkle salt where termites are present.
  2. neem oil- Neem oil is also included in the effective home remedies to get rid of termites. Using neem oil drives away insects, termites and bedbugs. It is used as a natural termite killer. Where there are termites, keep Neem oil in such a way that the termites come to eat it.
  3. boric acid- Fine white powder boric acid also helps in eliminating termites. It is used as a pest control solution. Boric acid helps in driving away cockroaches and termites. Make tablets of it and put it on the affected area. This will remove termites and other insects. You have to do this at short intervals.
  4. vinegar- Vinegar is also used to drive away termites from walls or furniture. Vinegar is a natural remedy to get rid of termites. Mix vinegar with some water or lemon juice and apply it on termite infested areas. Repeat this process again after 2 days of spraying vinegar. With this method, once termites are removed, they do not come back.

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