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The easiest way to make maize and millet roti, the roti will be very thin and round.

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Corn and Millet Bread

Bajara And Makki Ki Roti Recipe: As soon as winter arrives, mustard, bathua, spinach, fenugreek and many types of greens start becoming available in the market. Bajra and maize roti with these vegetables tastes very tasty. Eating roti made of millet and maize flour in winter keeps the body warm and digestion also remains good. You must include this roti in your diet in winter. However, it is quite difficult to make roti made of millet and maize. While making roti made from millet flour, it either breaks or becomes difficult to roll. Maize bread is also made by kneading it slowly with the help of hands and water. Nowadays people go to hotels and dhabas and eat these rotis. However, if you wish, you can easily make millet and maize roti at home. You just have to follow these tips and tricks.

Millets And Corn Flour Roti Recipe

first way

  • Before making roti from millet or maize flour at home, you must mix some wheat flour in this flour.
  • After this, sift the maize or millet flour thoroughly in a wide vessel like parat.
  • To knead this dough, knead it into a soft dough using lukewarm water.
  • Millet and maize flour has to be kneaded by hand, not by punching but by breaking it.
  • Do not keep the dough for too long and immediately make a ball slightly larger than your palm.
  • If the dough is sticking to the palm then keep applying water or light ghee on the hand and make the roti 5-6 inches bigger.
  • After this, put the roti on the hot pan and when it gets cooked, turn it with the help of a flip.

second way

  • If you are not able to make roti in such a simple way, then another way is to place a square polythene sheet on the wheel.
  • Place the dough on polythene and cover it again with polythene and press it with your palm to make it bigger like a roti.
  • For this, polythene of packaged milk can also be used. After this, remove the roti from polythene and put it on the pan.
  • When the roti on the tawa gets cooked from both the sides, reduce the flame of the gas and cook till it becomes light brown.
  • Apply butter or ghee on crispy roti made from millet and maize flour and serve it with greens.

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