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The face is burnt due to pigmentation and acne, cucumber and bitter gourd will detoxify the skin; become like this

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Detox Drink For Skin

Nowadays, deteriorating lifestyle and bad eating habits also affect your skin. Dust and pollution also have a very bad effect on our skin. If your face also faces problems like pigmentation, stubborn acne spots, cirrhosis and eczema, then your skin needs detoxification. Many people try to hide these skin problems with makeup. Makeup covers things for some time but if you want to eliminate them from the roots then detoxify your skin. Let us tell you today how to make this detox drink?

Bitter gourd and cucumber are beneficial for skin

Bitter gourd is rich in antioxidants and vitamins A and C, which are very beneficial for the skin. Cucumber works as an excellent toner which helps in closing and cleaning the skin pores and keeping the skin healthy, spotless and clean. If you mix these two and make its juice, you will get many benefits related to your skin.

In skin care, from scrub to face wash, keep these things in mind, it will prevent damage and aging.

How to make detox drink?

Take half cucumber and half bitter gourd in 1 glass of water. Now add 3 to 4 curry leaves in it. And 2 to 3 green coriander leaves, wash them thoroughly and grind them well in a glass of water. When it is ground then filter it. Your skin detox drink is ready. Consume this drink on an empty stomach for a month. By consuming it continuously, pigmentation and acne spots will disappear from your skin.

Not conditioner, this thing will solve the problem of hair, with this age-old remedy, each and every strand will become soft.

Due to deficiency of these vitamins the skin becomes bad and the face gets filled with pimples; Deficiency will be cured with these foods

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