Home Lifestyle News The glass of gas stove may break suddenly, keep this in mind – India TV Hindi

The glass of gas stove may break suddenly, keep this in mind – India TV Hindi

The glass of gas stove may break suddenly, keep this in mind – India TV Hindi

Glass Gas Stove- India TV Hindi

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Reason for glass gas stove breaking

Nowadays most of the people use glass gas stove in their homes. These are beautiful in appearance and very easy to clean. However, it is equally important to take proper care of the glass top stove. Glass gas stoves have heat resistance power which does not break due to scorching heat. But if the gas flame remains on the glass for a long time, it may break suddenly. The reason for this could be some carelessness or mistakes on your part. Keep these things in mind while cooking.

In fact, many times the glass gas top suddenly breaks with a loud noise. We don’t even understand the reason for this, when the people from the agency come to install the new glass, we come to know that the gas stove did not break suddenly but due to our carelessness such an incident happened.

Gas glass may break suddenly

When the gas burners get blocked, the flame starts coming out of the joints of the burner. Which does not go to the vessel and directly hits the tremors. In such a situation, the glass gradually gets heated and suddenly breaks. This glass breaks so badly that its pieces scatter everywhere. The main reason for this is considered to be the burner being blocked or not being set properly.

Due to breaking of gas glass

When we fry brinjal or any other thing on a gas burner, the burners start getting blocked. Due to blockage of many holes of the burner, the flame starts coming out here and there. Many times, even if oil or water falls on the burner, it does not work properly. Which can be dangerous for you. Due to this, the flame hits the glass and the glass gets heated and breaks.

take these precautions

It is important that whenever you fry something, you clean the gas burner thoroughly. Remove the dirt and oil stuck in the hole with the help of a brush or a pin. A simple way is to turn on the second burner and place the switched off burner on it and let the waste burn for some time. Then when it cools down, peel it off with a little force and clean it with the help of a brush. Burn it once and see if any hole is closed then open it with a pin.

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